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About me

My development as a professional.

Web Designer in Development, Love to do both Design and Develop for the web. I always do it mindful of the web standards and usability aspects.

After high school I decided to continue my education in the area I was particularly interested in - computer science. I spent four years gaining technical knowledge of programming, logic, algorithms, databases, etc. The highly theoretical way of education in the University of Edinburgh helped me to develop very adaptable programming skills. I can pick up any new programming language with ease. Having tasted the technical material of computer science I wanted to do something expressive and creative. Web Design and Development was the perfect match for me. It gave me the opportunity to use my programming knowledge within a creative process. The MA in Web Design and Content Planning was the natural way to go forward. The programme managed to provide the crucial creative bit that I was missing in order to turn me into a well rounded Web Designer in Development.

After completing my Master I dove into the real world head on and landed my first job where I have been residing ever since. During my four years there, I have gained tons of real world practical experience as part of the team responsible for the ITV Hub website.

My programme details: MA Web Design and Content Planning

ITV Hub:

You can also download my CV as a PDF